Roll by Goodyear

Tires, on your terms.

Roll by Goodyear is a pilot retail concept for tire sales and installation. It is a whole new way to shop for tires and get them installed.


A tire buying experience that is fluid across channels and delivers on the promise of simplicity and support.


Buying tires today is inconvenient, complex, and lacks transparency.


Change the format of the retail experience to better suit the way consumers shop and buy.



Bright. Warm. Energetic.

Our name, Roll by Goodyear, speaks to where we came from and where we’re headed. It evokes movement, freedom, getting around town, or getting out of town.


Our logo is more than just our name. It is bold and friendly. It plays up the letter "o" to make a reference to a tire, complete with a hubcap.


Our Yellow is vibrant, expressing energy and happiness, while our Blue is a lively mid-tone, which complements Yellow perfectly. Navy is our black, creating a primary palette uniquely our own.


Aperçu is a grotesque sans-serif typeface released in 2010 by Colophon Type Foundry. Because of its combination of subtle quirks and classic realist shapes, it serves as the perfect brand typeface.


Our voice is our personality. It doesn’t change. Our personality is human and down-to-earth. We write as we would talk and try our best to avoid jargon.

We’re honest, uncomplicated and actually pretty funny if we do say so ourselves. A dry humor, mostly. But never at the expense of clarity. Because let’s face it: Tires are interesting to us but may not be to all our customers. We want to talk to people like they’re our friends, and friends aren’t formal and serious with each other.


Digital Experience

Competitive Review

Experience - Predictable, Masculine, Product Heavy
Retail - Functional, Industrial, Bland

Target Audience

Primary - Millennial Women
Secondary - Gen X Women, Millennial Men and Gen X Men

Pilot Behaviors

Shopping online or in-store
Drop off your keys
Vehicle pick-up and drop-off
Home installation

How it works

Roll is an easy way to change your tires so you can continue to do what you wanted to do. You or a store associate can get the right tires for you, using our site. Once that’s done, you can choose to either drop off your keys at one of our showrooms, have one of our associates pick up your car, or get it done at your home with our mobile installation van. Simple.


In-Store Experience

Who said changing your tires need to be dull and dirty? The showrooms and associates give customers access to the Roll service without all the grime and wait.

The Team & their tools

The associates are available to help customers with the tire-buying process and with any questions they may have about their car. We also get things done efficiently so customers don’t need to wait around, helping the customers when they want it.

With an associate view of the site, they are well-equipped to help with the online ordering process. They can provide the right additional assistance to customers, whether it be choosing the tires or the type of service.


What People Are Saying

“Roll is a great example of a legacy brand transforming the customer experiece”

“The pilot program … is described by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. as ‘a completely new tire shopping and installation experience.’ And I would say it is.”
Modern Tire Dealer

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