our conversation parallax

An ongoing communication experiment.


This interactive, spatial interface embodies and examines our adapting cyborgian behaviors of anonymity in communication styles.


It is a tool for researching our dependence on strenuous devices for communication. The physical structure, currently in its second iteration, continuously evolves as it studies our convergence and divergence with one another through this form.

Version 1— Neither yours or mine

Where are we in space and time as we inhabit the physical and digital world?
What are the deficiencies in our current mediated forms of communication?
What are the disabilities that technology imposes on us?

Version 2— Your face my face

How do the multiple identities we take improve or interfere with our relationships with ourselves and others?
If we are a community that takes on each other's identities, what is our responsibility to one another?


Exhibition information

Exhibited in 'Dark Matter' for the Digital + Media Biennial Graduate Exhibition at the Sol Koffler Graduate Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island